Are You Connecting With Your Kids?
We Can't wait to share this Oooommazing information with you and your kids!  

Namaste and Play! 
Leaving So Soon?
Our P.L.A.Y!
Can become your Peace❣️
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Are you connecting with your kids?
Look back at the past week with your kids. What moments stand out?

We all cherish the moments of PEACE and CONNECTION with the children in our lives, 
but too often they are few and far between. 

Often feelings of being overwhelmed, disappointed, disconnected, and 
overworked stand out as far more common.

That bit of reality was the inspiration for my upcoming FREE webinar 

"P.L.A.Y! Magical Mindfulness and Yoga for Kids! " 

Monday, Aug 26th at 1pm or 7pm MST.

You see, I realized after seeing the transformation of kids and families in my classes that waiting for the busyness and chaos to slow down just doesn’t work. The reality of life is that it is busy and chaotic. Instead, families need the TOOLS and PRACTICE to find peace and connection, even within the chaos of day-to-day demands. 

But the best part? YOU already know this. You sense it in your gut. You know that spending quality time with your kids is important, and yet you aren’t sure how to really connect in a FUN and beneficial way that can leave STRESS behind for you and your kids. NO ONE has taught you how to experience and use the specific tools of mindfulness and yoga with kids.

I have been teaching mindfulness and yoga for over twenty years, and in that time I’ve created many fun, engaging, and impactful strategies for sharing mindfulness and yoga with kids. I’ll share the key lessons with you and so much more! 
Here’s what else you’re going to learn on this FREE webinar:

The 3 EASY STEPS for how to share mindfulness and yoga practices with kids. 
❣️ The exact skills to bring about independence and balance - both physically and emotionally.
❣️ How to instantly use gratitude to bring forth respect and compassion
❣️ Learn poses, songs, games, and so much more that you can teach and practice together to encourage 
      kids to get into their bodies, and to move, breathe and play.
❣️ Discover how these tools can help you and your kids be happy, calm, and mindful - and how you’ll all find joy in the              process of getting there.
❣️ Explore the benefits of mindfulness and yoga for kids and UNCOVER what these practices mean for you - how they                can help you find balance in your own life as you teach and model it for the kids in your life.

If you've ever been in one of my classes, or seen my videos, you know they are content-rich and loaded with the EXACT strategies I use and tons of easy "how to's" that you can implement immediately. 

Here's that link again to reserve your spot in this complimentary webinar. 

Namaste and Play! 

Mom of 13 year old &  Chief Play Officer
at Kids Yoga Guide ❣️
Casey Feicht

P.S. Feel free to invite friends, family and colleagues to this webinar, and please remember to reserve your spot HERE first! 

P.P.S. You don’t have to be a parent to use what I teach you on this call! These strategies can be applied by anyone working with kids, whether you’re a parent, teacher, educator, or care provider. Join me and find out what I mean firsthand! 

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We all cherish the moments of PEACE and CONNECTION with the children in our lives